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How to remove the video element from your Q-Review recordings

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For: StaffApplication: After making a recording , Q-Review

The default for Q-Review recordings is: video content of the presenter, the image from the laptop/computer or document camera, plus the audio of the presentation. Sometimes a presenter may decide that the video of themself is not required/desirable and that they would like to remove it from the recording – this guide below details how this can be done.

  • Downloading the Q-Review recording
  • Uploading and publishing the new file containing just the computer display & audio of the presentation

Step 1. Downloading the Q-Review recording

  1. Login to Q-Review via this link:
  2. Locate the recording which you wish to reprocess with the video element omitted.

This recording maybe located in your ‘Library’ and can be loaded by clicking ‘view’ under the options which appear when clicking on the chevron in the top right of it: 

Or alternatively you may find the recording listed under the course’s name, which you can then load via the green icons shown here: 


3. Once you have loaded the recording, you will find the following download options available to the right of hand side, under the video. The file type which contains just the audio and computer display is that labelled ‘SD1’, as shown here: Once downloaded, you are then ready to upload the file to replace the original recording.

Step 2.  Uploading and publishing the new file containing just the computer display & audio of the presentation

  1. Go to the ‘Library’ tab and click on the blue ‘upload content’ button 
  2. Drag and drop the file into the shaded area: Your recording will then take a few minutes for the server to process
  3. Once it has, you can then click on the recording to publish it via the blue publish button: 

4. One can now select the following:

  • Where the recording is to be published, by selecting ‘course’
  • The course name and correct section (e.g. PSY215 & the 2017/18 year)
  • That the recording is to be replacing an existing class
  • Which recording is being replaced
  • Then click the ‘publish’ button at the bottom, after double checking all the details are correct 

Your Q-Review recording will now play with just the PC display / document camera image and the audio of the presentation.

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