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Joining a QMplus Hub group

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A group on QMplus Hub is an online community comprising selected or invited QMUL students or students and staff. Groups can be created and managed by staff or students and can be used to support collaborative and peer working.

There are a number of ways in which you can become a member of a QMplus Hub group:

  1. You can actively look on QMplus Hub for groups that you can join. You might be able to join these groups immediately, or you may have to send a request to the group owner for their approval.
  2. You may receive an invitation to join a specific group. It’s up to you to accept or decline the invitation. Some groups on QMplus Hub are “invitation only”.
  3. If you are a student, you may find yourself automatically assigned to a QMplus Hub group without asking or being invited. This is an example of a special type of group called a “controlled” group and is most likely to happen if the group is being used to support formal teaching activities.

Finding groups to join

To find a group on QMplus Hub, you should use the Find Groups function, which you will find in the Groups drop-down menu on your QMplus Hub dashboard.


By default, the Find Groups screen will list the groups which you can join, either immediately, or by sending a request to the group administrator.

Find groups screen

  1. This is an example of an open group. You can click the Join this group button and you will immediately be added as a member and will be able to access the group straight away.
  2. This is an example of a group which allows membership requests. Clicking on the Request to join this group button will send a request to the group administrator(s). They must approve your request before you can access the group. Unfortunately, you do not receive a notification when your request has been approved. You will have to keep checking to see if you have access to the group.

This page lists all the groups on QMplus that you can join and this may be a very long list. If you know the name of the group you want to join, you can type it into the search box and narrow down the list of groups that you can see.

Listing all groups You can also see a list of all the groups available on QMplus Hub by selecting All groups from the drop-down menu and clicking Search.

Now you will be able to see even more groups

Controlled group

Invitation only group

These are examples of groups which you cannot join immediately. Their membership is being more tightly controlled by the group owners. If you want to know more about a group on QMplus Hub which has one of these statuses, you will have to contact one of the administrators listed.

How group invitations work

You may find yourself being invited to QMplus Hub groups, either by the group owners, or by people who you are friends with on QMplus Hub. There are a number of ways in which you will be notified about these invitations:

  1. By message. You will see a message in your QMplus Hub inbox and you will also receive an email (if you have allowed emails to be sent from QMplus Hub).
  2. On your My Groups page on QMplus Hub
  3. By an alert on your QMplus Hub dashboard


inbox iconYou will receive group invitations as messages in your QMplus Hub inbox. You can view your inbox by clicking on the icon in the toolbar at the top of your QMplus Hub dashboard.

invitation in qmplus hub inbox

Clicking on the subject will expand the message.

Clicking on the group link will take you to the group home page on QMplus Hub where you can accept or decline the invitation.

If you have allowed system notification messages from QMplus Hub to be sent as emails you will also receive a copy of this notification via email.

Your My Groups page

Your My Groups page on QMplus Hub can be accessed through the Groups menu.

On this page, you will be able to see any outstanding group invitations by selecting Groups I’m invited to from the drop-down menu.

group invitations on my groups page

In this case there are two outstanding group invitations. You can accept or decline as appropriate. If you accept the invitation, you will immediately have access to the group.

Alert on your dashboard

alert on dashboardAny outstanding group invitations will be indicated in the information block on the right hand side of your QMplus Hub dashboard. Clicking on the link in the block will take you to your My Groups page where you will be able to accept or decline the invitations as required.

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