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Publishing a recording to a Q-Review section

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For: StaffApplication: After making a recording , Q-Review

There may be times when a lecture is not recorded, for some reason. This may be due to technical issues or due to staff unavailability and the owner of the recording may wish to publish one from a previous year. It could also be the case that the presenter wishes to publish the recording to supplement this year’s teaching, should last year’s content not be covered in this this year’s classes.

This guide covers:

It assumes:

    • You are listed as the instructor for last year’s recording
    • You are listed as an instructor for this year’s course in Q-Review
Before you start, it is best to check if the recording is located in your ‘Library’ under ‘My Content’. If the recording isn’t there, it maybe a case that you need adding as the owner of the content or that the recording is attached to another person.


  1. Login to using your QMUL email address.
  2. Navigate to ‘My Content’ to the left hand side of the screen.
  3. Hover the mouse over the recording you wish to ‘re-publish’ and click on the  • • •  icon and select ‘share’:
  4. In the following Share Settings window, select ‘Class’.
  5. Finally choose where you wish the recording to be published, selecting the course, term and section (see example below):
  6. Make sure you publish to ‘New Class‘ (publishing to an existing class would overwrite a recording) and then give the recording a name and date, so it can be identified by the students: If you wish to schedule the recordings being released, then you can do so via the availability options shown above.

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