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Q-Review heatmap and the analytics overview

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Echo360, the software provider behind Q-Review lecture recordings, have brought back the heatmap tool – allowing instructors the ability to view which parts of the recordings are being viewed the most. The feature has changed from a traffic light indicator to a chart which overlays the playback bar, but is now accompanied by further information detailed in the ‘Analytics Overview’ beneath the recording.

How to access the heatmap tool for Q-Review recordings:

    1. Click on the Q-Review Tool in QMplus

The analytics overview

    1. Locate the recording which you wish to view the heatmap or analytics overview for, then left-click on the green icon to reveal further options and select ‘details’:
    2. Click on the graph icon to the bottom right of the video:
    3. The heatmap of viewing activity will now overlay the playback bar at the bottom of the video, like is shown in this example below:

The analytics overview

Further information on the video views can then be found under the Analytics tab, as an overview of playback analytics: One can then see the following:

    • Total number of views
    • Unique number of viewers
    • Total viewing time
    • Average viewing time
    • Number of downloads
    • Average play through (%)

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