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Q-Review Groups (Managing Access of Recordings)

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Echo360, the software behind Q-Review lecture capture, have released a new feature which allows users to manage, view and add content within groups. It enables schools, departments and teams to bring people and specific sets of media together.

It is particularly useful if there are large teams of academics teaching on modules and all require access to the recordings, or if support staff are available to assist with the management of the recordings. Specific students can then be invited to have viewer access, giving the staff much better control of who can access the material (for example, safety recordings for those students going on field trips – rather than making the content available to the whole cohort).


Once a group has been created, the group owner (or owners) can manage who has access to the recordings and what they can do within the group – whether they can add/remove media, add group members or simply view the videos.

Setting up the groups is very straight forward, with new users added by the group owners – using their email addresses as identifiers. Once groups are in place, users can navigate to ‘My Content’ and then share videos as shown below:

Recordings which have been added to groups can be easily removed if necessary, directly via the recording playback screen, as shown here:

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