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Using the Universal Capture software (previously Personal Capture/PCAP)



  • You are unable to book into a Q-Review lecture capture enabled room
  • You want to record additional teaching material
  • You require greater flexibility in when you complete the editing of your recorded footage.

you can record your lecture or event using Universal Capture. The software can be installed onto a computer or laptop allowing you to be able to record from the comfort of your desk, or take your laptop to the teaching room. You can also borrow a laptop from the E-Learning Unit.

Universal Capture allows users to:

  • Capture content being displayed on their screen (including any videos being played)
  • Capture their voice using a microphone
  • Capture video using a webcam
  • Start and stop recording directly from the computer
  • Publish recordings
  • Paste a link to the published recording onto a website or blog

Installing Universal Capture on your computer

Log in to Q-Review (, logging in ‘via institution’ and click on the cog in the top right corner to select ‘Downloads’.

Once you’ve clicked on ‘Downloads’ select which ‘Universal Capture: Personal’ version you need to download:

If you are downloading the software to a managed PC or laptop then you will need to raise a Helpdesk ticket for them to install the software for you. If your PC or laptop is unmanaged, you will be able to install the software without the need for anyone from IT-Services to assist.

Making a recording

Before you make a recording:

  1. Please ensure what you are recording is not copyrighted material

Before launching the software, you should connect all the required hardware (i.e. microphone, camera).

    1. Load Universal Capture via the desktop icon and login by clicking in the middle of the screen:
    2. You will now need to click on ‘Open Echo360 Capture’ and then you will be directed to login to Echo360 via the ID checker.
    3. Now you’re logged in, please select which microphone, computer screen display and camera you would like to use via the options shown in the screenshot below:
    4. To start a recording, simply click the red Record button. You will see a 5 second count-down and then the capture will begin. When taking a break, you can pause the recording or if you’ve finished your recording then click the Stop Button.
    5. Once the recording has been processed, it will appear under the ‘My Content’ tab when you login to

Did this answer your query? If not, you can raise a ticket on the online Helpdesk or email: . Alternatively you can also request a particular guide or highlight an error in this guide using our guides request tracker.

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