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Updating your QMplus hub profile

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For: Staff and StudentsApplication: QMplus Hub

Every member of staff and student has their own QMplus Hub personal profile page. Your profile can be updated with information including your profile picture, contact details, social media profile links and much more. You can choose who you share this information with. By default your profile page is only visible to those logged in to QMplus Hub but you can make it publicly visible.

While this guide is being updated…please watch these up-to-date video tutorials

Editing your profile information

The default QMplus Hub profile

If you have an account on QMplus, you already have a QMplus Hub profile page which is visible to anyone who is logged in. The first thing you might want to do is to customise this default page.

Qmplus Hub toolbar icons

  1. You can access your own profile page by clicking on the head icon in the toolbar
  2. You can use the search users function to look for other people on QMplus Hub

search for user

Here we are going to look for a user on QMplus Hub to see what a default QMplus Hub profile looks like.

Default QMplus Hub profile page

The screenshot above shows a default QMplus Hub profile page. As you can see, it’s not very useful or informative. There are a number of components that appear on your profile page by default, you can customise them, or remove them. It is completely up to you.

The standard items are:

  1. About me – This is an example of a profile information block. You can customise this block to display various items from your profile such as your name, email address, postal address etc.
  2. Your pages – a list of all your QMplus Hub pages which are visible to the person viewing your profile
  3. Your groups – a list of all the groups in QMplus Hub that you are a member of
  4. Your friends – a list of all the people on QMplus Hub that you are friends with. If you allow people to request to be your friend, they’ll also see a request freindship link here.
  5. Your wall – this is similar to the notion of a wall which was used on Facebook, although Facebook has now moved on. People can post messages to you on your wall.
  6. Actions – depending on how you have your QMplus Hub settings configured, people viewing your profile may see a number of links here. In this case, they can send you a message through QMplus Hub, or they can request to become your friend. Other actions that may appear here are links to invite the person to join a QMplus Hub group.

You’ll also notice that by default, your profile page is in a two column layout. You are free to change this as you see fit.

Your QMplus profile page is just a special type of QMplus Hub page. The other special page is your QMplus Hub dashboard. You therefore edit your QMplus Hub profile in exactly the same way as you would any other QMplus Hub page.


This is an example of an updated profile page. Now Piotr is sharing some more interesting information including parts of his CV, his social media presence and a blog that he is publishing relating to a project he is doing. He can choose to keep his profile visible only to logged in QMplus Hub users or he may want to make his profile public so that he can share his achievements beyond QMUL.

Update your personal profile information

Select  Profile from the Content menu on the Dashboard screen.


  1.    Click the navigation tabs to access the various options. Some of the information is already completed as it forms part of the connection from SITS (the Student Records System), other parts can be added by you. The introduction field on the About me tab comes from the ‘Description’ field in your QMplus profile.


To amend the introduction text in QMplus Hub you will have to navigate back to your QMplus profile and edit the Description field. Click on your name in the QMplus header then in the left hand block click ‘Edit profile’. Add new text to the description field then navigate to the bottom of the page and select update profile.

Now when you navigate back to QMplus Hub you will see that the text in your intro has been updated.

QMplus Hub profile 2

  1.    Remember to select Save Profile where you update or make any changes.

To add social media accounts select the ‘Social Media’ tab and then the ‘Create New Social Media account’ button.

QMplus Hub profile 3

Select a social network from the popular ones in the dropdown list or add another one that isn’t there (i.e. select ‘other’ from the dropdown). In the example screenshot below I am adding the URL of the main Facebook address of Queen Mary.

QMplus Hub Profile 4

Click save when you have finished. Your page should now look like this:

QMplus Hub profile 5

You can easily add more accounts by clicking on ‘New social media account’ or editing teh account you have already added by selecting the pencil icon. Once you have finished editing your profile make sure you click on the ‘Save profile’ button.

Tip: Your profile information is visible to other users within Queen Mary so be clear what information you wish to share with other users.


Step 2: Adding a profile picture

    1.    Click on the generic image icon which is located under ‘About me’. 

QMplus Hub profile 6

    1.    Select Choose File to access the file picker, and choose a file from your PC, a memory stick or web server.

QMplus Hub profile 7

    1.    Give your image a title (optional).
    2.    Select UPLOAD.

The page should refresh with the image you have uploaded now visible. Select the new image as the default by selecting the checkbox to the right of the image.

QMplus Hub profile 8


3. Add profile Information to a page

Now that you have all the profile information up to date you can share the information on your profile page or on any portfolio page you create.

To add profile info to a page navigate to a page or create a new page. In this case I will add info to a profile page.

Navigate to your profile by selecting the icon on the top menu or clicking on your name in the block next to your picture.

QMplus hub profile 9

Once you are on your profile page click on ‘Edit this page’

QMplus hub profile 10

Now open the ‘Personal info’ tab on the vertical content chooser menu. Drag the ‘Profile Information’ tab onto your portfolio page where you would like it to display (left mouseclick hold and drag)

QMplus hub profile 11

The Profile information dialogue box will now appear asking you what information from your profile you would like to include. Check the selectboxes next to the information you wish to use. If you would like to customise your introduction text then type in an intro here. (e.g. when you use your profile in more than one place you might want a different introduction or description of yourself)

When you have finished click save

QMplus hub profile 12

Now the content should be displayed on the page. If you are happy with it then remember to save the page (click ‘done’ at the bottom)

QMplus Hub profile 13

Did this answer your query? If not, you can raise a ticket on the online Helpdesk or email: . Alternatively you can also request a particular guide or highlight an error in this guide using our guides request tracker.

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