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Embedding a video in QMplus

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This guide explains the process to upload and embed a video (or to embed existing video) within a QMplus course. This guide is only for Teachers and Administrators, it assumes that you have teacher or administrator rights in a QMplus course area and you are familiar with adding resources (Labels, Pages, Books etc.) within QMplus

If not then refer to our guides on –

To add a video to your QMplus course –

Log in to QMplus and go to the course where you wish to upload the video.

Once you are in the course area click on ‘Turn Editing on’

Video can be added to any resource (e.g. a Label or a Page) that enables you to edit web-content via the text editor. This demo uses a ‘Label’ but we recommend you to use a Page as several videos on the course homepage can increase the loading time of your course area.

Click on the QMplus Media icon in the editor (See image below).

Here you will see previously uploaded videos. If you haven’t uploaded any videos before then proceed to step 6. If you have previously uploaded videos then 1. Click on the Select button next to the video you wish to embed. 2. Select Embed Media button (at the bottom left) 3. Click on ‘Save and Return to Course’. You will be able to watch your video here.

To upload a video – Click on Add Media (top right) -> Select Media Upload


Click on Choose a file to upload -> Add the title and description -> Select Back to browse and Embed -> Click on the Select button next to the video you just uploaded -> Select Embed Media button (bottom left). See image below


Once you add the video you will see the Label editor window. Click on ‘Save and Return to Course’. You will see the video on your course page. You can play the video after it has finished processing.

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