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Uploading additional teaching material to recordings

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It is possible to upload slides in PowerPoint or PDF form to scheduled and completed lecture captures.┬áSlides can also be made interactive and used to engage and trigger ‘learning moments’ with students during a presentation.

It is particularly helpful when the document camera output has been captured, but you require the presentation slides too (for example where a room has 2 projectors and they are used to project different outputs) or should there have ever been a technical issue and the projector image was not captured by the recording.

This guide covers:

  • Adding presentation material to a scheduled recording or recording which has already taken place.

It assumes you are listed as a presenter on the Q-Review section

  1. Firstly, click through the Q-Review link in QMplus or navigate to the module via:
  2. Click on the blue + icon to add your presentation.
  3. In the top right corner, select ‘add slides’ to upload the powerpoint presentation.
  4. Once processed, the presenter can choose which slides are available/hidden and the students can click left/right to progress through the presentation material. It should look something like this example below:
  5. The blue lecture recording button will have changed to show that a recording has additional material added to it, as per the example below:


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