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What will be recorded by default?

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Rooms which are Q-Review enabled are currently set up to record audio and the video of the presenter (at the front of the room) as well as whatever is being projected onto the screen from the right hand projector.  This is most commonly a set of lecture slides but may also be the document camera or the feed from the presenter’s laptop.

If you would like to make any changes to what is recorded by default, please include this change to your Q-Review contact if you are in S&E or HSS at the beginning of term or in the booking request sent to the QReview bookings team via, if you are in any other department. Alternatively, if you have already scheduled your recording, you can raise a ticket on the IT Services at least 5 working days before your lecture/event is due to be recorded.

Some potential changes you can make include:

  1. Recording only audio
  2. Recording audio and screen (whatever goes through the projector feed) – no video of the presenter
  3. Recording audio and video – no screen
Any writing which is written on the whiteboard or blackboard may not be captured and will not be easily legible should the writing space be captured through the video element of the Q-Review recording.

Should you wish to record handwriting which is presented in the lecture, this will need to be captured through the use of document cameras. To capture through the document camera, one can select ‘document camera’ via the panel controls, ensuring that the image is presented through the right-hand projector (if there is dual projection in the venue).

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