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Add an audio file to QMplus

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QMplus Media also allows you to upload and add audio files to QMplus. Please note that the process to add an audio player to QMplus is different from adding a video. You can still upload an audio file using this guide but you will notice that although you have uploaded an audio file it adds a rather large player with black screen. This guide will help you to embed a slim audio player within your course area, thus saving precious real estate.

Uploading an Audio File

Go to QMplus ( and log in using your college username and password

Click on ‘My Media’ from the flydown menu found at the top right hand corner:

Click on Add New and then on Media upload (see below)

After reading and accepting the terms and conditions, click on Choose a file to upload -> Add the title and description -> Click ‘Go to Media’ option at the bottom

Click on the audio you wish to add to the course. Click on Actions button and select Edit from the dropdown button (see below).


On this screen, click on Access Control and select Public radio button. Click Save.


Now go back to the Media page by clicking on My Media within the My Dashboard Menu or within the Breadcrumb. Click on the audio file which you just made public. On this screen you will see your media content, scroll down and click on Share. Select the player ‘400X75’ or the option closest to this size and copy the code from the text box (see below).


Bear in mind that anybody who has access to this embed code will be able to redistribute your content.

Adding your Audio file to a QMplus course

Now go to the QMplus course where you wish to embed this audio file and Turn Editing on

Add the resource or activity where you want to add this file. You can embed this player wherever you see the text editor (see below). In this case we use a Label. Click on the HTML Editor and paste the code you copied before. Click Update and then Save and Return to course.


You will see an audio player embedded within your course area. You can use the player options to start/stop, change the volume or speed (see below).


Did this answer your query? If not, you can raise a ticket on the online Helpdesk or email: . Alternatively you can also request a particular guide or highlight an error in this guide using our guides request tracker.

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