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Adding Q-Review lecture recordings to QMplus

This guide covers the steps to add recordings to QMplus

You will need to ensure that your lectures have been scheduled to be recorded, and that they are connected to your QMplus course area – please see our guides – Getting started with Q-Review or raise a ticket if you need help.

Once your lectures are being recorded, to add the recordings to QMplus:

  1. Navigate to the course area and ‘Turn Editing On’
  2. Click on the ‘Add an Activity or Resource’ link within Topic 0
    (Topic 0 is above the main topics/sections)
  1. From the activity chooser select ‘External Tool’ 
  2. On the ‘Adding an external tool’ page, in the ‘Activity Name’ field enter: ‘Q-Review Lecture Recordings’.
  3. Then select ‘Q-Review Recordings’ from the External Tool Type dropdown menu.

  1. There is no need to alter any other fields. Click on ‘Save and return to course’:
  2. The Q-Review Lecture Recordings are now added as an activity to Topic 0. The link to Q-Review will now display, as below, ready for it to be mapped to the correct set of recordings:
  3. Most courses’ Q-Review links will be set-up by the departmental administrators, but should any need mapping to the recordings, please click on the newly created link and choose from the Course, Term and Section drop-down menus and then click on the ‘link content’ button: 
  4. There may be some instances when one wishes two or more Q-Review sections to be displayed in a QMplus course area. Should you need to do so, please follow steps 1-7 again, before clicking the option ‘link a different section’:
  5. Once you have selected the ‘Course’, ‘Term’ and ‘Section’ for this extra Q-Review link, select ‘link content’ and you will now have the extra Q-Review link mapped.


Should you have multiple Q-Review links on your QMplus course area, please name them so that they can be differentiated between (e.g. ‘Q-Review Lecture Recordings for ESH101’ & ‘Q-Review Lecture Recordings for ESH102’)


Note that it is possible to put the link to the Q-Review recordings in other locations in your QMplus area, we recommend Topic 0 for the majority of module areas.

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