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** Getting Started with Q-Review **

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We recommend that you read the following pages and top guides to get you started with Q-Review:

  1. About Q-Review (E-Learning Application)
  2. Where is Q-Review installed?
  3. What can I record?
  4. How can I request a recording of my lecture/event?
  5. How do I do a recording in a non-Q-Review enabled room (or from home)?
  6. How do I share the recording with students?
  7. How can I make sure that only students in my course can view the recording?
  8. How do I edit the recording?
  9. What is the QMUL Q-Review Policy? (Opt-in/Opt-out, Copyright, IPR, Ownership/Authority of recordings, archive and deletion principles),
  10. More useful information about recording lectures (student attendance, performance management, benefits or recording, etc.)
  11. Request improvements to the service via the Q-Review Development Tracker


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