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Q-Review is our system for recording live teaching. The system aims to encourage flexible teaching methods, and allows lecturers q-reviewto retain full control over their recordings (publishing, editing and deleting). The underlying software used for Q-Review is the Echo360 system.




General Guidance

Recording with Q-Review

When planning to record with Q-Review, you can do this using:

  1. Lecture Capture in a Q-Review enabled room: this recording method uses equipment that is installed in a teaching room and will record audio, the display unit (that is, whatever is being projected on the screen – either from the computer or document camera), and video (optional). You can request for your lecture or event to be recorded by sending an email to or by completing the Q-Review Booking form
    alternatively, you can record using PCAP
  2. Personal Capture  or PCAP: is a ‘lighter’ version of Q-Review that is downloaded on to your own computer. If your lecture is taking place in a non Q-Review enabled room you can use this method to download and install a version of the Q-Review software to your personal desktop computer or laptop. You can borrow a PCAP laptop and webcam from the E-Learning Unit, which comes with the software pre-installed,or you can install the PCAP software onto your own device.

Both options are available to all QMUL staff.

Publishing and Playing

Whether you choose to use Lecture Capture or Personal Capture (PCAP), you can release any of your recordings via QMplus, e-mail or by adding the links on a webpage. See our guide on publishing and playback.

Editing your Recording

You can make basic edits to your recording whether you have recorded a live event in a lecture theatre or pre-recorded some course material using the Personal Capture software. See our guide on Editing.

For some more useful information on Q-Review, please read our page on commonly asked questions on how Q-Review is used at QMUL (such as: Benefits of recording, Copyright and Intellectual Property Information).

Visit our Help and Support pages for more guidance or read our Q-Review Policy v3.6.

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