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Q-Review Upgrade – 2014

18 July 2014 Posted in: Announcements, News Tagged: By: Technology Enhanced Learning Team

If you are a Q-Review user, make sure you read about the upgrade and changes to identify how they affect you.

  1. Upgrade to a newer version (Echo 5.4)
  2. Q-Review usernames and password replaced by College usernames
  3. Make your Q-Review Recordings Secure
  4. Embed a recording within QMplus
  5. Create a discussion and bookmarks within a recording
  6. Q-Review available in even more teaching rooms since this summer. Click here to see all the rooms with Q-Review.


1. System Upgrade

We upgraded Q-Review to a newer version this summer, it has resolved some of the outstanding issues and also added some interesting long awaited features, such as –

(i) New User Interface

The major change you will notice is the new cleaner interface without any clutter. You can now edit the title of your recording, add a description and make your recordings unavailable within the Echocenter page (without logging in to Q-Review). See a screenshot of the new Echocenter page below –

Q-Review 1

(ii) Viewing Statistics –

If you enable the Q-Review tool within your QMplus area, you will be able to see your recording statistics such as Unique views, Cumulative views, Average completion, Heat maps (most and least viewed spots within your lecture) along with some other statistics. See image below –

Q-Review 2

 You can get a report on individual students within your QMplus course area.

Q-Review 3

(iii) Security

The newer version has enhanced security features. You can choose to release all your recordings only via QMplus (using the Q-Review tool), thus restricting access to your recordings only to the students within your course/module. If you would like to do this then please raise a ticket on Web Helpdesk and let them know you would like this feature enabled for your module(s). You don’t need to raise separate tickets for each module, you can provide all your module codes in one ticket.

Furthermore, if your department decides to enable this feature for all courses then this can be arranged too. We will need the confirmation from the Head of School confirming that they want the security feature enabled for all the modules within their school. It will be the school’s responsibility to communicate with the lecturers within the school to reach to an agreement.

However, please note that in this case, lecturers won’t be able to distribute any of their recordings via email or add their lecture recordings to any website. The only option would be to add the Q-Review tool  or to embed the recordings within a particular course area. They won’t be able to make their recordings accessible/available via any other QMplus course apart from that particular module.

(iv) Mobile access

Lecture recordings are accessible on Mobile devices (most of Android phones and tablets, and on iOS devices (iPhones and iPads)).

(v) Availability

Lecture recordings can be made available or unavailable without logging into Q-Review, users can also add description to their recordings (see image below).

Q-Review 5


(vi) Embedding lectures to your QMplus course area.

Before you could only embed the whole echo center page (all the recordings within a module). You can now embed an individual recordings within your QMplus course areas. You can get the embed by logging into Q-Review.
Q-Review 4

(vii) Discussion and Bookmarks

Users  can create bookmarks within a lecture recording, and can participate in discussions relating to particular points in a recording. You will need to raise a ticket to turn this setting on. Once you do that the users will be able to create discussions or create bookmarks within the Echoplayer. See image below –


2. Usernames and Password will be replaced by central College usernames

You will be able to log into Q-Review using your college user name and password after the upgrade on 5th August.

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