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Using groups to share presentations in Mentimeter

30 March 2021 Posted in: Articles, News Tagged: , By: Gill Ritchie

If you’re a Mentimeter user, you might be interested to know about the groups feature available which allows you to share your presentations and themes with other Mentimeter users. Anyone with a Mentimeter account can create a group and add any other Mentimeter users to it. Once you have your group, you can share presentations . . . Read the full article

Analytics on Student Engagement

25 January 2021 Posted in: Articles By: Manoj Singh

Would you like to know: Which students are engaging or not engaging with your module? How are they interacting with activities and learning materials? Which are most and least used resources and activities within your module? We run one-hour session where you can explore some of the existing reporting options within QMplus to get answers . . . Read the full article

Robo Invigilation: Does it work? Is it ethical?

22 January 2021 Posted in: Articles By: Will Goodyear

On 7th January members of the ELU joined colleagues from across the London area for the first London e-Learning Reading Group meeting of 2021, in a discussion surrounding virtual proctoring in higher education assessments. The discussion was initially centred around a white paper by Dutch learning analytics company SURF, the Netherlands being another country witnessing . . . Read the full article

Easy editing with the mass actions block

24 November 2020 Posted in: Articles, Tips By: Gill Ritchie

If you’re about to embark on getting your QMplus area ready for teaching in semester B you might find the mass actions block useful. This block can help reduce the amount of clicky-clicking and drag and dropping you have to do when editing your QMplus area. After installing the block in your QMplus area, you . . . Read the full article

Seeing is believing: the use of cameras in webinars 

24 November 2020 Posted in: Articles By: Shoshi Ish-Horowicz

On 5th November, a number of the ELU attended the London e-Learning Reading Group’s discussion about the use of cameras in webinars.  Joining colleagues from different London institutions, we explored the issues around expectations of camera use including privacy, anonymity and emotional wellbeing.  Although there is, as yet, limited academic literature on this topic, we started our discussion by looking at . . . Read the full article

MoodleMoot 2020

1 October 2020 Posted in: Articles By: Shoshi Ish-Horowicz

In the final days of September, Annette and Shoshi from the ELU attended the first Virtual MoodleMoot, to learn how institutions around the world are using Moodle (the platform behind QMplus). Session topics ranged from ‘Engaging students’ to ‘integrity of assessment’ to ‘Video Capture and Virtual Classrooms.’ The focus, naturally was on the current crisis, . . . Read the full article

E-Learning and Mental Health: Tools, techniques and resources to help you and your students

29 September 2020 Posted in: Articles Tagged: , , , , By: Richard Chantler

Covid has impacted every aspect of our lives and brought many changes to the way we work and how our students study. We have seen large scale, rapid change over the past 7 months or so and a prolonged absence of physical interaction, so we need to ensure that appropriate attention is paid to our . . . Read the full article