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These tips are designed to draw your attention to useful features of our applications and services that you may not otherwise be aware of. We publish a new tip every week so check back or subscribe to receive them directly. If you have any tips of your own, let us know.

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Frequently asked questions

22 February 2024 Posted in: Articles, Tips By: Danielle Mangal

Question 1: I received confirmation that my Online Surveys account was created but I’m still not able to login! What do I do now? Answer 1: You may be using the login page for the older version of Online Surveys. It has recently been upgraded to the new version 3. Please double check you are . . . Read the full article

Commonly asked questions

24 October 2023 Posted in: Tips By: Danielle Mangal

Question 1: How can I edit my Zoom recording? Answer 1: Basic editing can be done within Zoom, however if you need additional editing options such as splitting into smaller videos, splicing clips together or chopping parts from the middle, this can be achieved within QMPlus media. You can either auto-upload your recording to QMPlus . . . Read the full article

Q-Review – Getting Reacquainted

23 August 2023 Posted in: Announcements, News, Tips By: Simon Durrant

As the new academic year looms over the horizon why not take some time to reacquaint yourself with Q-Review, Queen Mary’s lecture capture system. Q-Review uses Echo360’s product Echo360 and not only does it record lectures there are a whole range of features to enhance learning and analysis. This article provides information about updates, training, . . . Read the full article

Frequently Asked Questions

18 August 2023 Posted in: Tips By: Danielle Mangal

Question 1: What are Question Banks? Answer 1: Question Banks allow teachers to create, preview, and edit questions in a database of question categories. You can read more information about them from Moodle’s Question Bank page. Question 2: I’d like to prepare my course for the next academic year, should I do a rollover or . . . Read the full article

Commonly asked questions

22 June 2023 Posted in: Tips By: Danielle Mangal

Question 1: When will the option to rollover be made available?  Answer 1: Rollovers can begin after the 22/23 archive becomes available which is to take place on Tuesday July 18th. Please see our 2023 QMPlus Upgrade article for further details. Question 2: I would like to learn more about QMPlus Quizzes. Answer 2: The . . . Read the full article

QMplus Assessments: Tips, Tricks & Lessons Learned

13 March 2023 Posted in: Articles, Tips By: Alysa Bramble

These observations have been compiled from our lessons learned when providing support across the Institution. Specific assessment processes vary between schools, you should contact your school e-learning contacts before creating or updating assessments for advice.

Commonly Asked Questions

23 February 2023 Posted in: Tips By: Danielle Mangal

Question 1 (Staff): My lecture was recorded by Q-Review but the output is not right (for example, the recording displays only a view of the room but does not show the slides as needed). What do I do? Answer 1: In the first instance please contact the Q-Review Bookings team for them to confirm the correct . . . Read the full article