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Frequently Asked Questions (Certificates, Activity Completion and EvaSys)

19 April 2024 Posted in: Tips By: Danielle Mangal

Question 1: The students in my course cannot access their completion certificate, despite having met the grade criteria in the certificate’s access settings

Answer 1: Be sure to keep the certificate access settings simple. If the students need to achieve a specific grade to gain their certificate you will only need to select the criteria using the ‘Grade’ option in the Restrict Access settings.

If you experience issues, be sure to double check if the criteria is accurate and that there are no conflicting criteria or duplicate types of access requirements causing the issue.

For more information, please see our Rewarding achievements with certificates guide

Question 2: We can’t add the EvaSys block to our school category, what do we do now?

Answer 2: Due to a recent upgrade to the plugin, the block is now unable to be added to a category or sub-category in the same way as before. At the moment, the EvaSys area is now found on the Dashboard of all users’ accounts. Students can now access their available surveys there instead.

Question 3: A student has reported they’ve finished the required activities seen on their course page, but the progress bar is only showing as 90% complete. How can we assist them?

Answer 3: This one can be a bit tricky. You may want to check if there are any hidden activities that the student can’t see but are still required for course completion! Once found, you’ll need to remove the course completion setting from each of the hidden activities.

For more information intricacies of these settings please see Moodle’s Activity completion guide and/or their Using course completion guide

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