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22 February 2024 Posted in: Articles, Tips By: Danielle Mangal

Question 1: I received confirmation that my Online Surveys account was created but I’m still not able to login! What do I do now?

Answer 1: You may be using the login page for the older version of Online Surveys. It has recently been upgraded to the new version 3. Please double check you are using the most up to date link to the login page and replace any bookmarked links you may have stored.

For more information on the migration to V3 please see JISC’s Online Surveys FAQs page.

Question 2: I am subscribed to a course forum but I am not receiving any email notifications when posts are made. I’ve checked my notification settings but it seems to be correct.

Answer 2: When checking your notification settings, double check that the ‘disable notifications’ checkbox at the very top left, under your display name, is not checked. This checkbox (when checked it becomes blue) disables all email and web notifications.

Question 3: I’m new to QM and need to login to Q-Review, how do I do this?

Answer 3: When logging in to Q-Review for the first time, you will need to click through from inside QMplus to activate your account. To do this, find a ‘Q-Review / lecture recordings’ link from any course you are enrolled onto and click this link to get into Q-Review for the first time.

This ensures the link between QMplus and Q-Review is set from the get go for your account and avoids any  issues with accessing recordings for courses you are pre-linked to.

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