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Real-time captioning with Caption.Ed

17 December 2021 Posted in: Articles, Tips Tagged: , , By: Catherine Mclean

Caption.Ed provides instant and on-demand captions for virtually all live or pre-recorded media. It also produces a fully editable and downloadable transcript, and works either within your web browser or via a desktop application.  The Technology Enhanced Learning Team (TELT) and DDS are currently piloting this new service. it is available to those with . . . Read the full article

ALT Conference presentation: The Panoptic Gaze and the Discourse of Academic Integrity

5 October 2021 Posted in: Articles By: Will Goodyear

During the recent Association of learning technologists conference I attended an interesting presentation that centred around an upcoming publication entitled Critical Digital Pedagogy in Higher Education: Broadening Horizons, Bridging Theory and Practice (Edited by Suzan Koseoglu, George Veletsianos, Chris Rowell, The book explores the shifting environment of higher education and focusing on a number . . . Read the full article

Algebra and Equation based exams using Numbas

28 June 2021 Posted in: Articles, Tips By: Manoj Singh

Numbas was created at Newcastle University, and been adopted by educators worldwide. It is a free and easy way to create online tests which can be imported to QMplus as a SCORM. Numbas is perfect for maths testing, but can be applied to many different subjects,the questions and answers don’t just have to be numbers, . . . Read the full article

Using groups to share presentations in Mentimeter

30 March 2021 Posted in: Articles, News Tagged: , By: Gill Ritchie

If you’re a Mentimeter user, you might be interested to know about the groups feature available which allows you to share your presentations and themes with other Mentimeter users. Anyone with a Mentimeter account can create a group and add any other Mentimeter users to it. Once you have your group, you can share presentations . . . Read the full article

Analytics on Student Engagement

25 January 2021 Posted in: Articles By: Manoj Singh

Would you like to know: Which students are engaging or not engaging with your module? How are they interacting with activities and learning materials? Which are most and least used resources and activities within your module? We run one-hour session where you can explore some of the existing reporting options within QMplus to get answers . . . Read the full article

Robo Invigilation: Does it work? Is it ethical?

22 January 2021 Posted in: Articles By: Will Goodyear

On 7th January members of the ELU joined colleagues from across the London area for the first London e-Learning Reading Group meeting of 2021, in a discussion surrounding virtual proctoring in higher education assessments. The discussion was initially centred around a white paper by Dutch learning analytics company SURF, the Netherlands being another country witnessing . . . Read the full article

Easy editing with the mass actions block

24 November 2020 Posted in: Articles, Tips By: Gill Ritchie

If you’re about to embark on getting your QMplus area ready for teaching in semester B you might find the mass actions block useful. This block can help reduce the amount of clicky-clicking and drag and dropping you have to do when editing your QMplus area. After installing the block in your QMplus area, you . . . Read the full article