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TEL Applications – by activity

This page lists supported learning technologies used at Queen Mary, listed by activity type. It is intended to help you select the most appropriate technology to use for different online activities.

Support guides for individual technologies are found in the Guides section of the website..

Activity Technology
Assessments Submission via Turnitin (summative)
QMplus Assignments
QMplus Media (audio/video assignments)
QMplus Quizzes (formative)
Performances captured on video QMplus Media
Shared digital documents QMplus Discussion Forums
QMplus Hub
Shared images, videos and animations QMplus Media
QMplus Hub
QMplus Databases
QMplus Glossaries
E-Portfolios QMplus Hub
Small group work QMplus Forums
QMplus Wikis
QMplus Hub groups
Building joint digital outputs QMplus Blogs
QMplus Wikis
QMplus Hub
QMplus Glossaries
QMplus Databases
QMplus Media
Turnitin Peermark
Lectures, tutorials, seminars Blackboard Collaborate
Synchronous chat using QMplus Chat
Asynchronous discussions using:
– QMplus Forums
– Q-Review Question and Answer
– QMplus Choice
– QMplus Media – Commenting
– QMplus Hub Forums
Student presentations and discussion Padlet
Blackboard Collaborate
Readings and papers Talis Online Reading Lists (Library)
QMplus Books
QMplus Pages
QMplus Files
Learning from interactive content
(demonstrations and master classes)
H5P interactive content
QMplus Media
Box of Broadcasts
Online Tests (practice work) QMplus quizzes
QMplus Media – quizzes
H5P interactive content
Virtual labs, models and field trips H5P interactive content
QMplus Media
Interactivity in lectures and seminars Mentimeter
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