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Audience Response

Audience response systems (also known as clickers, electronic voting systems, classroom response systems) replace the traditional ‘show of hands’ with technology. Your audience answers your questions via small handsets and you can display their responses immediately all from the comfort of your Powerpoint presentation.

There are many uses for these systems and they can provide an excellent way to promote engagement, particularly in large lectures.

Here at QMUL, a particular system called “TurningPoint” has become widespread with several Schools buying a large number of handsets for distribution to their students. If you are a member of staff in the following Schools, then your school already has access to TurningPoint handsets:

  • Medicine and Dentistry
  • Economics and Finance
  • Biological and Chemical Sciences
  • Engineering and Materials Science

If you would like to borrow some handsets to try the system for yourself, the E-Learning Unit has around 80 handsets which you can use. See the try it out page for more details.

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