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Audience Response

In their most traditional form, audience response systems replace the traditional ‘show of hands’ with technology. The most basic type of audience response system is the “clicker”, a small handset which is handed out to the audience members which they use to respond to questions asked by the presenter.

With the increased ownership of smartphones and improved internet coverage, audience response systems have moved away from dedicated hardware towards solutions that allow the audience to use their own internet-enabled devices. This in turn has changed the way in which these systems can be used, moving away from multiple choice questions towards the audience being able to respond with words and even photos or drawings created on their devices.

There are many uses for these systems and they can provide an excellent way to promote engagement, particularly when dealing with large student cohorts.

At QMUL we currently provide central support for the Mentimeter web-based, bring-your-own device solution. There are other options for you (although not centrally supported) and you can find information on Padlet or other audience response systems via our website.

Our lecture recording system, Q-Review, also has some audience response features built into it. If your lectures are already being recorded, you may want to have a look at what Q-Review offers. It is not as flexible or as easy to use as Mentimeter however.

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