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Other audience response options

We actively support the Mentimeter and Padlet audience response systems. However, there are now a very large number of different systems that can be used to promote engagement in the classroom.

We are aware that there are many members of staff, and students, who are making use of these systems. On this page are a number of systems that we know about, all of which are either completely free to use or have free versions available.

  • Kahoot – Kahoot is an audience reponse system based on gamification. Participants compete against each other in timed quizzes. It is very simple and incredibly engaging.
  • Polleverywhere – this is a service which is free for up to 40 responses per question.
  • Socrative – a popular free service
  • Pingo – Pingo is another free system. Developed originally by a German University, Pingo has support for mathematical notation.
  • Nearpod – this is an application which allows you to beam your presentation to your audiences’ devices. It also allows the audience to send responses to the presenter in the form of pictures or drawings as well as the traditional multiple choice or free text responses. This opens up the range of activities that you might carry out, getting students to solve equations or draw chemical structures or annotate pictures.
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