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The E-Learning Unit have a variety of software and hardware available which can be lent out to people undertaking e-learning projects or simply to anyone who’d like to try things out. This includes:

Audience voting system

We have 80 TurningPoint clickers and a receiver if you’d like to try gathering responses from your audience. We can also supply a laptop with the TurningPoint software installed if required.


We have 3 Windows laptops with a variety of different software installed, TurningPoint (audience voting system), Q-Review personal capture (screencasting), Camtasia screencasting and video editing and Articulate. We also have a basic MacBook with Q-Review personal capture and TurnintPoint installed for those who prefer that platform.

Video cameras

We have 2 high definition video cameras with tripods and external microphones. These cameras produce high quality recordings and require some skill and experience to set up. We therefore recommend that when booking the equipment for the first time you allow some time to familiarise yourself with it. We can provide you with an SD card for the cameras however we strongly recommend that you use your own SD card.

Please note that we can only lend you the equipment, we cannot do filming or video editing for you. We do run regular workshops on video skills such as screencasting and editing and can provide access to a variety of useful software. You will find these on our online course booking system Remember that you can also use our recording booths to make recordings.


We have a variety of microphones available for different purposes, wireless microphones for people on the move, a microphone suited to voiceovers or podcasting and boundary microphones for meetings and seminars.


We have an Apple iPad and Samsung (Android) tablet.

Articulate – e-learning authoring software

We have 3 licenses for the Articulate 360 suite of e-learning authoring tools. These licenses can be assigned to individuals to use on their own computers, or we can provide a laptop with the software installed if required. While anyone can ask to make use of the software, priority will be given to projects funded under our E-Learning Production Scheme. We will also allocate licenses on a fixed term basis of a month which can be renewed if noone else is waiting to use the software.

Camtasia – screen casting and video editing software

We have several copies of Camtasia Studio 9 which can be used for screencasting and video editing. This software is only available on computers belonging to the E-Learning Unit. You can borrow one of our laptops or come along to the E-Learning Studio to use the software on one of the computers there. It is available on both PCs and Macs. If you are interested in screencasting in particular there are a number of alternative solutions that you can use. Q-Review personal capture, QMplus Media CaptureSpace and Office Mix. These can all be installed on your own computer. CaptureSpace does not require any intervention from IT Services which makes it a useful option for those on managed computers.

Adobe Creative Cloud – professional image and video editing software

We have a full installation of Adobe Creative Cloud on one of the PCs in our E-Learning Studio.

To make use of any of the above, you must be a member of staff or a student at QMUL. Please send an email using your QMUL email address at least 7 days in advance to our email: We will require the date you would like to collect and return the equipment. If you are unable to return the equipment and would like to extend the loan of our equipment, you will have to contact us as the items may be booked out by someone else. Charges are made in relation to lost, stolen or damaged items. Please contact us as soon as possible if the item on loan is lost, stolen or damaged.

Please note that equipment is often in high demand. This is especially true for cameras and laptops. Booking as far in advance as possible and returning equipment on time is vital in ensuring we can provide an effective service for everyone.

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