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Making a recording – in a Q-Review enabled room

Before Recording

  1. First, check to see if the room you would like to use is Q-Review enabled and that it is available, then book through The Timetabling Team (
  2. Next, schedule the recording – Contact Q-Review Bookings via You will need to tell them:
  • Where and when your event will be taking place
  • The time you need to record and duration (add time to allow for an early start or late finish).
  • How often you will need the recording scheduled for (Is it a one-time or recurring event?)
  • What the name of the module is, if applicable
  • Who requires editing access

Presenter’s Consent

You must gain permission to record guest (non-QMUL staff) presenters. Please find the Q-Review consent form that must be filled in by the presenter. You will need to ensure that this is completed and returned to Q-Review Bookings (, before the recording can be made available.

During Recording

Once Q-Review Bookings has scheduled your recordings, there isn’t much else for you to do, other than wear a lapel mic if possible to ensure the best quality audio is captured. If you don’t and walk too far from the podium’s microphones, your voice may not be captured clearly.

The Q-Review appliance by default will capture audio, video and anything projected onto the screen from the projector. If there are two projectors, you will just need to check via the podium’s display panel as to which projector is linked to Q-Review. If you are worried about remembering which projector to use, send the signal to both.

After Recording

A Q-review lecture capture recording will be processed automatically once the scheduled time is over. Processing time is roughly the same amount as the duration of the capture. After processing, the lead presenter will receive an automatically generated e-mail notifying them that the recording is ready to view on Echo360.

You can release all your recordings via QMplus by adding the Q-Review tool to your QMplus course area.  See the help article on Publish, Playback and Share for options such as sending recordings via email. Lecture captures with interactive features can now be accessed through the Echo360 mobile app. There is also the option to edit your recordings.

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