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Considerations for Q-Review at the start of term

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Q-Review, the lecture capture service at QMUL, is installed in over 100 rooms across the difference campuses – with timetabled lecture-type teaching activities automatically recorded as per the bookings in the Scientia Enterprise timetabling system.

The interface with the timetabling system ensures that room changes and booking cancellations automatically update the scheduled Q-Review lecture captures, with amendments being possible up to 15 minutes before the proposed start time.

The interface between the timetabling system and Q-Review provides a safety net by providing automated recordings for mixed-mode lectures held via Blackboard Collaborate, Microsoft Teams or Zoom. However it is important to consider the following:

  • Only lecture type activities are recorded automatically via the interface with the timetabling system (should you need events, seminars or workshops recording, then these will need to be requested via
  • Q-Review recordings will include the PC display/document camera/tablet device which is projected through the data projector labelled ‘Q-Review’, along with the camera feed and audio of the presenter. Please ensure primary content is projected through this data projector, should there be 2x projectors in the teaching venue.
  • Q-Review live streaming is available, with requests for it to be enabled to be submitted via


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