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Do I have to record my video?

A Q-Review recording does not need to include the video camera feed (if you are concerned about the video quality, or like me, you are camera shy). Students appreciate getting a full recording including video, however, they also appreciate if they get a recording of the audio and projector feed (what is projected to the screen).

If the recording has not happened as yet, you can request for the recording to capture only audio and the projector feed – see this FAQ for more details – What gets recorded?.

Recordings that have already happened can be sent to students as a videocast or audiocast. As the presenter you will have access to recordings that took place when you visit your dashboard on Echo360. Your dashboard will give you options to share recordings via a URL and will list processed files in high definition and standard definition video, and audio (mp3), for downloading (see image below).

The Publish, Share and Playback guide has more details on options for sharing your recording.

download alternative file formats

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