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Finding content on Box of Broadcasts

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For: Staff and StudentsApplication: Box of BroadcastsTagged: audio , multimedia , radio , tv , video

Box of Broadcasts is a fantastic resource which provides access to recordings from a large number of free to air channels. All staff and students at QMUL have access to BoB. Programmes on some channels, such as the BBC and ITV, are recorded and made available automatically. For other channels, every time a BoB user requests a recording, it is made available to all other users. This means the repository of content available on BoB is constantly growing.

It is easy to search this large resource for content that might interest you by using the search feature. This will search programme titles and, where available will also search the text of programme transcripts.

The following video, from Learning on Screen the people who run BoB, gives an overview of how to use the search feature.

BoB Tutorial – Searching from Learning on Screen’s How to Use BoB

It is also possible to look for content using the BoB programme guide. You will find more information on this in our Requesting a recording guide.

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