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How do I link multiple lecture capture recordings to a QMplus course area?

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You may find that you need to add multiple lecture captures from different courses to a QMplus area. This is possible by adding additional Q-Review external tool links to your QMplus area, and linking to lecture capture content.

This guide covers:

  • How to link multiple lecture capture recordings to a QMplus course area.

To link to more than one lecture capture on a QMplus course area you will need to add an additional Q-Review external tool link. To do so follow the steps on the adding a Q-Review lecture recording to QMplus guide.

Once an additional Q-Review Lecture Captures link has been set up, select it in order to connect your Q-Review recordings.

Further links to Q-Review Lecture Captures can be added with additional Q-Review external tool links.

Next steps

You may also wish to look at how to provide students access to Q-Review recordings from more than one area on QMplus, or alternatively: embedding a Q-Review recording on QMplus using a ‘label’ resource.

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