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Q-Review Support Process

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There are different teams involved in supporting Q-Review and ensuring that the service runs efficiently.

Please refer to the Q-Review Policy v4.3 for more details about how Q-Review lecture capture is practiced at QMUL.

Areas of responsibility for the Q-Review service

Responsibility for the Q-Review service is shared between the following areas.
  1.  The Technology Enhanced Learning Team (TELT), Centre for Academic and Professional Development
  2.  Academic Applications Team, IT Services
  3.  AV Technical Team, IT Services
  4.  IT Helpdesk, IT Services
  5.  Q-Review Bookings, Academic Registry and Council Secretariat
  6.  Staff in academic and professional services departments

The core responsibilities of each area are outlined below:

Area Responsibilities
Technology Enhanced Learning Team Staff training and development; promotion; stakeholder communications; development of support materials and training of support staff; annual processes such as archiving and rollover; reporting; policy development.
Academic Applications Server-side application support and management; running and developing annual processes such as rollover and archiving; system monitoring; capacity planning; service reviews.
AV Technical Team Hardware maintenance; troubleshooting in lecture theatres.
ITS Helpdesk First-line support and initial responses to user queries.
Q-Review Bookings Scheduling of recordings and allocation of rooms; managing opt-out requests.
Individual staff members (presenters) Distribution of recordings to students/viewers; editing recordings, obtaining consent

Support Process for Q-Review


  1. To schedule or book a new Q-Review recording – please contact the bookings team by emailing
  2. To make changes to a schedule or booking which has already been scheduled, but not recorded – these go via Q-Review Bookings as well (e.g. Changes to time/date/presenter/room/frequency, or changes to what gets recorded – video/projector, or changes to how the video will be released – in QMplus, email links, RSS feeds, immediately etc.).

AFTER THE RECORDING – Queries go to IT Helpdesk and will be routed to correct team

  1. Problems with Q-Review I.E. no recording took place, audio missing (or for anything else that goes wrong) – these go through IT Helpdesk and will be routed to IT or AV technical team to investigate, TELT will also be made aware.
  2. Help with Q-Review recording (accessing Q-Review server, editing the recording, making it available/unavailable, downloading, distribution methods etc.) – go through IT Helpdesk to be routed to TELT
  3. End of year process (archiving, deleting, rollover) – go through IT Helpdesk

This is a guide only. There may be cases where a Q-Review query may need to be routed differently. Should your query not be routed in the way that you feel it should be, please contact and send to the attention of Alysa Bramble.

Did this answer your query? If not, you can raise a ticket on the online Helpdesk or email: . Alternatively you can also request a particular guide or highlight an error in this guide using our guides request tracker.

Produced by the the Technology Enhanced Learning Team at Queen Mary University of London.

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