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Publish and Playback

Publishing your recording

Lectures recorded in lecture theatres are published automatically but you have to manually publish the lecture recordings made using Personal Capture (Step 4: Publish your Personal Capture Recordings).  An email (see image below) is sent to the lecturer/presenter once the lectures are  processed.

  • Lectures that are recorded will mostly be made available through QMplus. Look for the Q-Review Block within your QMplus course area, usually  at the bottom left of your course homepage.
  • If your lectures are being recorded but you cannot see them on QMplus then <add the Q-Review Block>.
  • You can also add links to individual recordings to your course area.  This method gives you control over when and where recordings are released to students, or to release audio only or audio and screen only. You can add the recordings manually as a resource in QMplus.
    • Select “URL” from the ‘Add a Resource’ drop-down menu.
    • Give a suitable title for the recording. In the “External URL” field,
    • Paste the appropriate URLs from your email
  • Lecturers/Presenters who receive emails after their lectures are published can also email the link(s) to their students directly.


Echo email

      1. Echocenter – this link allows you to access/share all your recordings within this course/module
      2. The Rich Media link plays audio, video and screen of this particular recording
      3. The Vodcast link has audio and screen only
      4. Using the podcast feed link allows you to share (only) audio which students can also subscribe to with RSS readers to access all the recordings from a particular section, i.e. Test 2013-14 in the image above.
      5. Using the Vodcast feed link allows you to share audio and screen which students can subscribe to with RSS readers (iTunes) to access all the recordings from a particular section, i.e. Test 2013-14 in the image above.

Please note that Mobile devices can only play Vodcast and Podcast.


You can watch lecture(s) (including PowerPoint presentations or visuals displayed on the projector, audio and sometimes recordings also include video of the lecturer/presenter) on Windows PC or Mac with up-to-date browsers with Flash installed. If you do not have a copy of Flash player on your PC you can download it free of charge from the Adobe website

When you click on the Q-Review Block in QMplus,  you will see the Echocenter screen (see below for example). 



If you are a lecturer then you will see additional options within the Echocenter page – Echocenter22



Clicking on Play button will load the presentation and start playing.


      • The Title, Presenter’s Name, Date, Time and Location of the recording will appear at the top.
      • You will be able to hear, and see the lecturer (if the video was recorded) with the visuals.
      • You can start, stop and pause the presentation using the controls at the bottom left.
      • You can also use the slider to jump to any point in the presentation.
      • If you click ‘Scenes’ at the top right and then click one of the slides thumbnail you will jump to that particular slide.
      • You can also open and close any of the windows using the ‘1’ , ‘2’ and ‘APPS’ buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Downloading the lectures: Some lecturers allow downloading of lecture recordings. If this is the case then you will see Vodcast downloads through the EchoCenter in the information area. If download button is not available then this feature has not been enabled for your course area. Please note that lecturers (not students) need to raise a <Helpdesk> ticket to enable downloads to be made available for their course(s).

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