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Making a recording – outside the classroom, at home

It is possible to make a recording with Q-Review even if you are not booked in a Q-Review enabled lecture room.

You can make a recording using the personal capture software (also known as PCap) and a microphone (as well as a web cam, if you want video).

To be able to download the personal capture software you will need:

  1. An account on the Q-Review server – use the LOG IN VIA INSTITUTION button. If you have problems logging in, please raise a ticket on the ITS Helpdesk
  2. Access to a section on Q-Review to put recordings into – if you do not have this, raise a ticket on the ITS Helpdesk and ask for one to be created.

To download Personal Capture login at and select the software package for your operating system.

For more information on Personal Capture please see our guide on PCap.

You can also use the E-Learning Studio to make a recording. If you wish to do this please contact the E-Learning Unit on

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