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Creating and Sharing a QMplus Hub Journal / Blog

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The ‘QMplus Hub‘ Journal provides you with a personalised space to record and express ideas and thoughts. You can share a journal with other people and can invite them to make comments and give feedback.


1. How to enable more than one journal

By default QMplus Hub lets you create one journal but it is easy to change your settings to allow you to keep a selection of different journals for different purposes.

  1. First you need to navigate to your settings by clicking the wheel icon on the top right of your dashboard
    QMplus Hub journal entries
  2. Next simply select the checkbox to allow multiple journals
    QMplus Hub enable multiple journals

Now you are ready to get started creating your first Journal.

2: How to create a journal and add an entry

    1. Log into QMplus and select QMplus Hub from the home page.


    1. Select Journals from the Content menu.



    1. You will now see the Journal home screen (see screengrab below).


  1. Any journals you have already created are listed here. Click on the title to view your journal. If you have not given your Journal a name and description before, then click on SETTINGS (3 above). Give it a title and description and then click on SAVE SETTINGS.
  2. To create a new journal (once you have enabled multiple journals – see previous section) select Create Journal (2 above).
  3. You can add tags and change the name and description of your journal by selecting the settings for your journal.
  4. To save time you can post a new entry directly to your journal by selecting NEW ENTRY.  
  5. Give your journal entry a Title and enter your journal post in the description box Entry (see screengrab below). If you don’t want to add an image to your entry then go to the section ‘How to share your journal with others’ later in this guide. To expand the options you have in the text box select the expand menu’ icon indicated with an arrow on the screengrab below)
    QMplus Hub creating a journal entry
  6. You can also add tags to your journal entry (you can also add tags to most content in the Hub). these tags are personal to you and can help you to organise your content or retrieve content when you have been using QMplus Hub for a while. Type each tag followed by a comma, or, select a tag you have already used by selecting ‘show my tags’
    QMplus Hub journal tags
  7. If you are posting your journal entries onto a portfolio page and sharing it with others you might not want to publish your entry initially. If this is the case select the Draft checkbox.
  8. If you don’t want the people you share your journal with to make comments then disable the Allow comments checkbox
  9. When you have finished, click on SAVE ENTRY.

Your Journal post will look similar to the example below. You should get a notification that your journal entry was saved.
QMplus Hub published journal entry


3. How to upload an attach an image to your Journal

There are three ways to get an image into your journal.

Method 1: Upload the image to your files area in QMplus Hub then attach it

  1. Navigate to Content -> Files

QMplus Hub uploading an image

  1. Check the box that states that you have the correct permission to upload the image.
  2. Select the Choose files button. This will open the file chooser on your device
  3. Navigate to the image you wish to upload
  4. Then select Open. This will upload the image to your file storage in QMplus Hub.
  5. You will have to attach this image to your journal as a file attachment.(see below)

Method 2: Add the image directly to your journal as an attachment.

  1. Navigate  to your journal entry in edit mode
  2. Place your cursor in your journal entry at the point where you would like the image to appear. In the screengrab below I want to add the image to the top of my post. I have added a line break at the top and placed my cursor at the top.
  3. From the attachments area (below your post) select ‘add file’
  4. From the Files dialogue box that appears you can either choose an image you have uploaded as per instructions above, or upload a new image directly.
    QMplus Hub adding an imag
  5. Click the ‘select’ button to the right of the image you have just uploaded.
    QMplus Hub adding an image to your journal2
  6. Now go back to the text editor and select the Insert image icon from the text editor menu
  7. From the Insert image dialogue box select ‘attached image’. You should see a dropdown list of all attached images.
  8. Select the image you wish to display in your post.
  9. Click Ok
  10. Then save entry
  11. You should now see your image in your post.
  12. In my case the image was too big for my page
    QMplus Hub adding an image to your journal4
  13. To adjust the image size I need to open the image dialogue box and alter the settings.In edit mode –  Select your image then click on the image icon again.
  14. The proportions of your image will be displayed in pixels: horizontal width x vertical height. I will modify the width to 400pixels and keep the proportions constrained. i.e I do not need to adjust the height.
  15. Click ok
  16. My image is now embedded in my post at a size that makes sense!
    QMplus Hub adding an image to your journal6
  17. There are other settings on the ‘advanced’ tab of the edit image dialogue where you can give your image a border or spacing.
    QMplus Hub adding an image to your journal7
  18. To centre your image use the text editor icon to align centre.There is currently no text wrapping available in QMplus Hub.

Method 3: Linking to an image online

The steps to link to an image online are similar to those mentioned above.

  1. In edit mode place your cursor where you wish the image to appear.
  2. Select the attach image icon in the text editor.
  3. In the source field add the external URL of the image you wish to link to.
  4. Make adjustments to dimenions etc as you did previously.

4: How to share your journal with others 1 : Add your journal to a page

You can share your entire journal, a single post or all posts with a certain tag by placing your  ‘Journal’ onto a portfolio ‘Page’.

    1. From the ‘Main navigation menu’, select the Pages link (Portfolio – > Pages) from the dropdown menu. Alternatively you can select ‘Create’ from the dashboard.

QMplus Hub create a page

    1. To create a new page simply select CREATE PAGE (top right).

QMplus create page button

    1. The navigation tabs allow you to customise your page layout and add content. The Edit title and description tab enables you to name your ‘Page’ and give an overview of its purpose.

QMplus adding a jurnal to a page

    1. Select SAVE. 
    2. You are now in page editing mode. Navigate back to edit layout and choose a format for your new journal page. In this case I have chosen a simple 2 column layout.

QMplus Hub Journal layout options

    1. Now navigate to the ‘Edit content’ tab. Decide how you would like the content of your ‘Journal’ to be displayed on the page, then drag and drop the relevant icon into the area of the page where you would like it to be displayed. In this case I would like to display the entire journal.

QMplus hub adding a journal to a page

    1. You can now configure your journal in the window which automatically opens. If you have multiple journals you will need to select the checkbox corresponding to the journal you wish to display.
    2. You can also decide how many entries you want to display and decide whether you will allow people you share the page with to copy your journal. Finally you can decide if you want the journal block to be ‘retractable’ ie collapse.
    3. Once you have made any changes, click Save.
    4. Once you can see your ‘Journal’ content displayed, select DONE.

My page now looks like this:

QMplus Hub journal on a apage

I can now add entries to my journal directly on this page without having to go back to the content area.

Simply click the edit page button then New Entry:

QMplus Hub edit your journal from a

5. How to share your journal with others 2: Sharing your page

1.  Select Share page from the top navigation menu.

QMplus Hub share journal

2.  Select the document you would like to share, via the check box. In this example I have selected ‘My journal’.

QMplus Hub share journal1


3.  If you want to share your document with any ‘Group’ that you have joined or created then click on the ADD button next to the relevant ‘Group’ name. If you want to share it with individuals then click on Share with other users and groups.

QMplus Hub share journal2

By default you will see a list of your ‘friends’, people with whom you have already had contact via ‘QMplus Hub’. To make this document available to them, just click on the ADD button next to their name. Althernativly if you want to make it available to people outside your ‘friends’:

    1. Select either FriendsGroups or Users. In this example I have selected Users.
    2. Click Go – this will bring up a list of all the individual ‘Groups and Portfolios’ users.
    3. Use the ‘Search’box to locate specific people. When you have found them, click on the relevant ADD button.



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