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QMplus known issues and September 2017 Release

05 September 2017 07.00am

Post Upgrade Release – On Tuesday, 5th September 2017, between 7am-9am, we made some updates to QMplus. These updates added new functionality as well as fixing outstanding issues since the July upgrade.


A few issues remain but the majority have been fixed as you can see below:

  1. Turnitin Assignment and Grading Report problems. FIXED (27/07/17)
  2. Grid format – an error message is displaying in place of grid icons. Temporary solution: switch to Collapsed Topics format. – Fixed for September release
  3. Delete a course – The ability to delete a course on QMplus is not working. After you delete a course, you can still search for it and access it. – Fixed for September release
  4. ‘Main content goes here’ error – users intermittently experiencing a blank page with this error and being prevented from navigating anywhere within QMplus. Users are advised to clear browser cache to be able to access QMplus again. – Fixed for September release
  5. Anonymous posting to forums. We now have a solution but were not able to implement in time for the September release. – Coming soon
  6. Marking Report (under Grades). The Marking Report appears to be working as expected in some course areas but not in others. Other issues were also raised – Majority of issues fixed for September release
  7. Online Marking of .Docx documents. There is a new feature where .docx documents are converted to .pdf documents to allow for online marking. – Fixed for September release
  8. Mass Actions plugin has been disabled as it is not working as expected. We are investigating the issue. – Fixed for September release
  9. Gradesplus update needed for our new theme. – Fixed and enabled for September release (added to the custom user menu above widgets)
  10. External HTML. Adding external HTML to a landing page region may cause issues with the design of the page. – Users advised to return to design mode in the text editor before saving to avoid issues.
  11. A slideout menu sometimes appears from the right hand side saying ‘Undefined Drawer’ – Known Moodle bug – not fixed
  12. Inconsistent breadcrumbs – truncated or very long – Fixed for September release  – Solution is to offer long breadcrumb view to those who may require it.
  13. Select all/none buttons not working when exporting grades from a gradebook and also not working in the Talis Aspire Reading Lists. Fixed for September release  
  14. Course Menu block items not working as expected – (you can hide reports, participants and MY QMplus in the config for this block) – Fixed for September release  – Reports, participants and My QMplus are now collapsed. Edit the block to hide completely or delete and re-add
  15. New icons missing for Tab Display, Echo360/Q-Review  and H5P – With the exception of Echo360, fixed for September release
  16. Module search very slow and not working correctly on Smartphones – Fixed for September release
  17. Module search first attempt no courses listed just a line but works second time – Fixed for September release
  18. Deleting course (administrators). Problem with deleting courses –  Fixed for September release (slight button misalignment in category view in IE)
  19. Hiding and unhiding of topics in Collapsed Topics . Topics, once hidden cannot be revealed and do not appear in line with the other topics. –  Fixed for September release
  20. Course summary not displaying in collapsed topics format – Fixed for September release
  21. Logged out and can’t login – when you have been logged out (e.g. due to inactivity) it is not obvious where to log back in – Fixed for September releasewe have added a login icon to QMplus where the dashboard icon is
  22. Gradebook – export function – When exporting grades from a gradebook in, the link to select all/none is not working. – Fixed for September release
  23. Images on School landing pages – Inconsistent rendering of image size and Display issues in IE – Fixed for September releaseimages will now be fixed at 180px
  24. Tabs disappearing in course formats – assessment info and any other tabs are added but then disappear on page refresh – Fixed for September release
  25. Hyperlinks not visible on landing pages in some themes with background fill – Fixed for September release
  26. Q-Review icon not correct (it says Echo 360) and it looks as though it is stretched – Not possible for September – waiting for third party
  27. Shibboleth authentication slowwe are continuing to investigate this issue
  28. Course Creation Wizard – admins couldn’t use – Fixed for September release
  29. Intermittent database error – Users can be presented with a ‘Main Content goes here’ message where the module content should be. – Fixed for September release
  30. Backup and Restore – Inability to backup and restore courses – Fixed for September release
  31. SITS Marks Transfer – Some options not selectable – Fixed for September release

Other Styling issues that have been fixed

  1. Zoom not working for Rubrics marking
  2. Table cells in books are losing their borders
  3. The Checklist activity small styling issues
  4. Creating groups – button placement and overall layout
  5. Drag and drop text Quiz Question type – borders missing
  6. Language change – ‘Faculty’ changed to ‘School’ on the landing page picker page
  7. Language change – In the Landing page block – Pick a landing page changed to Pick a Home page
  8. Glossary – display issues (next & previous buttons)
  9. File submission screen – alignment issues
  10. Notifications area formatting issues
  11. styling bug in module info
  12. Submit assignment button – changed from washed out grey to faculty theme colour.
  13. Assignment rubric layout issue
  14. The settings block has been forced to display at the top of a module page
  15. The Preferences link has been moved from the custom user menu (above widgets) to underneath the username/profile pic (Above modules)
  16. The Persistent menu in the gradebook table not persistent in Chrome
  17. Assignment – odd/tiny  icons appearing on summary table
  18. Message preferences screen – formatting issues – help text disappearing etc
  19. Landing page picker – too much padding
  20. Arrows not visible on landing page blocks with background fill
  21. Textbox colour of a quiz review attempt
  22. Widgets picking up faculty theme styling
  23. Grid format – strange heading ‘general’
  24. Subpage and assignment module icons are the same
  25. landing page section showing to a student when hidden
  26. error when changing news and announcements settings
  27. Book icon doesn’t look like a book

New Plugins

The following plugins have been included in the September release

  1. Blackboard Collaborate – more information available at: and
  2. Fair Allocation –
  3. Talis Reading Lists – a new Talis Online Reading List option to be available as a trial only.
  4. S&E Course Management – in house development – Workload planning is being added to the September release. This will enable a category view of assessment activity across all modules. Physical Coursework Tracking has been delayed.

Other features

  • A new custom h3 heading class has been added to the Header menu in the Atto text editor this will add a background colour the same as your theme (previously you could only have blue)
  • The Landing page list no longer needs to look so cryptic as we will map landing page category  ids to the course/module shortname
  • The archive landing page has been updated
  • There is now a logout button in the QMplus footer
  • The QMUL logo in the footer now links to the QMUL website
  • User can now select the ‘Queen Mary Crown’ watermark when designing a Certificate for their users
  • There are now tooltips in the activity picker (indicated by an i) so users can find out more about what that activity can do.
  • Med and Dental portal page theme colour variant – You can now add a class or “primary” to the <ul> – <ul class=”modulelist primary”>
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