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New self-directed course – Getting started with QMplus

29 October 2020 Posted in: Announcements, News By: Gill Ritchie

Home page of QMplus open in a browser with a coffee cup next to the computerDo you need to learn how to use our online learning environment, QMplus? We now have an online self-directed course to teach you the basics. Delivered via QMplus, obviously, anyone can enrol and work through the course at their own pace. It covers the basics of using QMplus including how to get around the system, the basics of editing a QMplus area and gives a taste of just a few of the activities you can use in your teaching. There are also some hints and tips which should make your life a little easier.

Just like everyone else, events of the past few months have meant we have had to rethink how we help staff make the most out of the applications available at QMUL. Our on-campus Getting Started with QMplus course was very hands-on which attendees really liked. It’s very hard to replicate that online and so we have looked to a more self-directed approach, while still keeping the practical spirit of the course.

Our campus-based session is 2 hours long. We reckon you’ll need a couple of hours to cover everything in this version too…not all at once though, the topics are designed to be easy to tackle in short bursts. Do them in any order…and if there’s some that aren’t relevant or you know about already…skip them!

As you can’t learn to use QMplus without using QMplus, we highlight specific tasks that you should try as you go through the course. You’ll need access to a QMplus area to do this. If you don’t have one, raise a ticket on the Service Desk, ask for a QMplus sandpit area and we’ll set one up for you as quick as we can.

So, enrol yourself and have a go. We hope you’ll find it useful and perhaps even enjoyable.

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