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QMplus changes – 23rd January 2024

22 January 2024 Posted in: Announcements, News Tagged: By: Technology Enhanced Learning Team

On Tuesday 23rd January we will be making some changes to QMplus. This will be taking place during our scheduled at risk period between 9 and 11pm (GMT) and there will be some disruption to QMplus during this time.

The updates in this release are:

Changes to file icons

Currently, when you put a file resource on your module page, the icon displayed is a generic file icon.

After the release, the icon will indicate the type of the file.

More of the module title displaying on the dashboard card

Currently, when using the card view on your QMplus dashboard, module titles are heavily truncated.

After the release, the cards will display more of the module title, although still not the full title in all cases.

Moving resources and activities without using drag and drop

After the release you can select the Move item from the Edit link on a resource or activity.

You can then select where you want to move your item to.

Disabling subscription messages from the glossary activity

This was a feature which we developed in house. It allows users to receive notifications when items are added to a glossary activity. Unfortunately, the feature is not working correctly and we have chosen to disable it for the time being.

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