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QMplus Changes – 5th September 2022

5 September 2022 Posted in: Announcements Tagged: By: Technology Enhanced Learning Team

We have made some changes on QMplus on Monday 5th September to fix some issues and to make new features available.

Fixing the My Timetable link

After the theme update, students can now find their “My Timetable” link in the drop-down menu on their user profile at the top right of QMplus. This was giving an error due to a misconfiguration. This has now been fixed.

My timetable link in the user profile menu

Allowing students to download alternative file formats

Students can now use Blackboard Ally to download alternative file formats. This is done via an Ally icon next to the file on QMplus.

Alternative formats link on a file

When selected, students can choose their preferred format.

Alternative format choices

Fixing the Q-Review (Echo360) icon

The icon which appears for a Q-Review recording link.

Echo360 icon on a lecture recording link

We are now using the official Echo360 icon instead of our previous customised one.

Changing the names of the buttons on the module search

The buttons on the module search on the QMplus dashboard have been renamed to make their use more obvious.

Buttons on module search now named Search my modules and search all modules

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