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QMplus December Release

31 October 2014 Posted in: Announcements, News By: Alysa Bramble

On Tuesday the 16th December, between 7am-11am, there will be a release applied to QMplus. This release will fix some outstanding issues to QMplus and add some new functionality.

Here are some of the items that teachers can expect with this release:



  1. Fixes to the Grades Area – Marking Reports: reported issues fixed (e.g. hidden grades not displaying to teachers, rows and columns not aligned properly).
  2. Gapfill’ quiz question type: Errors were reported about this question type not working properly and a fix has been put in place.
  3. Removal of social media links: To improve performance (especially for distance learners).
  4. Bulk enrolment: Improvement to the bulk enrolment of users and groups to course areas.


  1. Staff Cohorts: there are now several faculty/departmental cohorts, which can be enrolled onto individual course areas. Each staff cohort includes all staff who belong to the relevant faculty or department. For example, the HSS staff cohort has all staff who work within HSS. This HSS cohort can then be enrolled onto any course area, allowing those staff to automatically have access to the course area (without having to manually add the staff or know which staff to add). The access permissions can be determined by the person enrolling the cohort (that is, the cohort can be enrolled as teacher, non-editing teacher, viewer or student).
  2. Recent Courses: A link located within the top menu that will take users to the 6 most recent courses that they accessed. Also an option to view all their courses via a ‘My QMplus‘ link.
  3. QMplus Recent Courses

    QMplus Recent Courses Image

  4. Course Advertisement Block (for Professional Development): Ability to advertise professional services courses on the homepage. This block will also be available for teachers to use within their course areas and can be customised.
  5. Sitewide News ‘ticker tape’: Ability to advertise news and announcements – this rotates at the top of the page, and can be controlled by users. This can also include news forum posts from school landing pages (limited number of posts).
  6. Site Alert Message: Abillity for ELU to display critical messages at the top of the QMplus homepage – this will be limited to severe cases affecting the service.
  7. QMplus Module Overview Page  –  enhancements have been made to Module Overview page, which will allow users to move around the courses that are listed on this page. Users can decide which course they would like to appear at the top and which they don’t want to be displayed in their list at all. The video below is a short demonstration of how users can move around and hide courses on their Module Overview page…


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