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QMplus November 2017 Release

28 November 2017 07.00am

On Tuesday, 28th November 2017, between 7am-9am, we will be making some updates to QMplus. These updates will fix outstanding issues in QMplus since the summer upgrade.
 Items to be included in this release:
  1. Anonymous forum posting – this plugin was disabled during the summer upgrade as it required further testing. Issues have now been resolved and the feature will be re-enabled.
  2. Latex/mathjax/chemistry editors – these plugins were disabled as they required further testing. These will be re-enabled in this release. .
  3. Course not restoring news and announcements at all
  4. Pinned modules – being able to unpin a module from the pinned module list
  5. Assignment widget: incorrect display of assignments with restrictions
  6. Checklist activity – styling issues – completed items and buttons
  7. Settings block does not appear for some users
  8. Grader report – frozen columns not working in any browser
  9. Help text missing for Tab display and Talis (beta) in Add an activity or Resource
  10. Ability to embed URL in QMplus alert messages
  11. Various additions to ATTO text editor
  12. Additional subheadings in assessment info – PARTIAL

Items pending January 2018 release:

  1. Bug in Grid format editing titles
  2. Page failing when image missing
  3. Assessment Information tab not displaying corrrect information
  4. Turnitin feedback ‘link’ in Gradesplus not clickable
  5. Courses in grid format not deleting
  6. Intermittent appearance of ‘Undefined Drawer’ window on right of screen
  7. Physical Coursework tracking
  8. Collapsed topics – delete button not available for resources/activities in hidden topic

Beyond January release:

  1. Additional subheadings in assessment info
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