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Sign up to a workshop “Advanced Use of Mentimeter in Teaching” 17/10/23 15:00-16:00.

29 September 2023 Posted in: Announcements, Articles By: Megan Jones

Sign up to a workshop “Advanced Use of Mentimeter in Teaching” 17/10/23 15:00-16:00

What is Mentimeter?

Mentimeter is a web-based audience response system, as well as a presentational tool. At their most basic, these systems are the technology equivalent of asking the audience to raise their hands in response to a question. In this case, the audience use their smartphones, tablets or laptops to respond to questions. This means you can ask your audience to respond in a variety of different ways, and visualise their responses as bar charts, pie charts or word clouds. They are an effective way to promote engagement, especially with large audiences. While most usually thought about in the context of face-to-face teaching, Mentimeter is also a great way to inject some interactivity into your online sessions, no matter what webinar software you are using.

What can I expect from the Workshop?

This one-hour online session will cover advanced features of Mentimeter including:

  • The power of Mentimeter
  • Filtering and moderating content
  • Advanced features in action
  • Showcase of interactive features
  • Quiz competition
  • Live Q&A

How will the Workshop be delivered?

The session will take place online using Microsoft Teams.

How do I sign up to the Workshop?

Please email to book onto this session.

We hope to see you at the workshop!

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