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Commonly asked support questions

30 July 2020 Posted in: Articles By: Technology Enhanced Learning Team

Here are the questions that were most commonly asked via The Helpdesk during the past month.

Question 1: Why can’t I access Gradesplus histograms?

Answer 1: We have encountered an issue with Gradesplus histograms as a result of the upgrade. IT-Services are working on a fix for this, which will be included in the September release.

Question 2: My QMplus Media videos are getting stuck when they are being uploaded/processed, how can I fix this? 

Answer 2: Please raise a ticket via the Helpdesk for the attention of the E-Learning Support team and we can raise this with our vendor for a speedy resolution. Please ensure you give as much detail as possible, such as your QM username and the name of the video.

Question 3: My students cannot see their grades/feedback, why is this?

Answer 3: There are a number of possible causes for students not being able to see their grades/feedback. It might be a case that the courses have been rolled over, so the students need to visit the archive site – alternatively it could be that the grade item is hidden, blind marking is enabled or that the marking workflow is not set to a ‘released’ state.

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