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Consultation on baseline standards for e-learning

28 November 2017 Posted in: Articles By: Alysa Bramble

Over the last few months the E-learning Unit has been working on a revised Baseline Standard for E-learning at QMUL. It is proposed that this baseline updates and build upon policies on the use of e-learning that were introduced from 2012-2014 as the college migrated into QMplus and all modules were supported with an online component.

The purpose of the baseline will be to:

  • Ensure consistency of provision of core information and resources in QMplus for all students across Queen Mary University of London.
  • Help the college achieve its strategic objective around teaching, learning and the student experience.
  • Support schools in delivering a quality online learning experience to their students.

It is important to understand that a baseline standard is not intended to limit the ambition of staff in the development of online learning materials. We are in fact working on an extended version of the baseline (Baseline plus!) which will provide a structured set of examples of how you can enhance  online teaching beyond the baseline.

We are currently consulting across the university with all interested parties and would very much welcome your thoughts. The document below contains our ideas and a set of questions that can help structure your feedback.

This consultation has now closed.


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