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Let’s Meet… Atif Matin – E-Learning Officer, Blizzard Institute of Cell and Molecular Science

24 August 2023 Posted in: Articles By: Technology Enhanced Learning Team

What is your role at QMUL?

Hi, my name is Atif Matin, and my role is officially based in the Blizzard Institute as an E-Learning officer. I ended up here by moving from database programming to the E-learning side of things from around 2014 and when I worked with different institutes to provide VLE support, training, and content development, etc.

I joined QMUL and started my current role around 2017 and I came here first on contract before becoming permanent. I take responsibility for my own learning and development and constantly look at content and technical advancements so I can help my colleagues adapt and amend their content. I have managed to help make some courses better in terms of user experience, assist in making content displayed in a more user-friendly way. I tend to focus more on the QMplus side and my line manager more on the video side. We want to develop content further and recently I am looking at 3D models and VR-based content and exploring ways of adding enhancement for our students.

What are you currently working on?

We’re currently looking at a 3D app where the prototype is complete and it has been released on Android, but I’m in the process of releasing it on the Apple platform which is not an easy task and then looking further into having some content built with VR-based Quest 2 technology. If I ever get some spare time from my usual work, I like to explore areas like this and to learn about them for myself and my department.

How long have you been interested in this field and what do you like most about it?

It has been 10 years working in this area and what I like most is the constructive outcomes that affects students. I am far more interested in knowledge-seeking students than any commercial success or gain, which really does not appeal to me. I seek knowledge myself and am currently doing a MSc in Data Analytics of which I have a couple of semesters to go. I am heavily invested in seeking knowledge to improve the QMUL student experience and for my personal benefit.

Can you describe your role, or its purpose, using only five words?

Improving, enhancing students’ learning experience.

What are your interests outside of QMUL?

I am trying to prepare more healthy food at home! I have been experimenting and quite successfully baked cakes which are healthier than usual. I am using natural and fresh ingredients only, things like honey, coconut, whole-wheat flour and absolutely no white sugar which I avoid. I substitute this with things like bananas and dates which I grind and include instead. I recently read Queen Mary-based research which said white sugar can be more harmful than many drugs! Since reading this I stopped having white sugar in the house. I bake cakes for family and friends and the next step is to bring some cakes into work for colleagues. I have even stopped having white sugar in my tea and coffee and feel much better for it. I was happy to see Queen Mary target this area and the local community to raise awareness of living a healthier lifestyle.

Quick-Fire Favourites

Favourite Actor, Movie and/or Genre?

I love detective or comedy movies, but only the fictional kind like Sherlock Holmes.

Favourite Book and/or Genre?

I don’t really read books anymore, I much prefer movies instead as they take less time!

Favourite Cuisine?

Asian-style food, preferably my own cooking.

Favourite Dinner Guest (Past or Present)?

Any academic scholar. Much better to have an intellectually stimulating conversation and hopefully learn something.

Favourite Holiday Destination?

Morocco – I love to see historical landmarks. I have not been to Fez yet which I believe has the oldest Muslim university and one of the first ‘mega’ universities in the world.

Favourite Gadget/Tech you have owned/used?

I’m more interested in using than owning them, but my car is a good example with its modern features. It has ‘Cruise Control’ and ‘Lane Control’ which is a good, practical use of technology.

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