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Let’s Meet… Christian Grozdanov EECS

28 March 2023 Posted in: Articles Tagged: By: John Seamons

This month we’re getting to know Christian Grozdanov from School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science.

What’s your job title/current role?

Digital Learning Technologist for School of Electronic Engineering (EECS).

When did you start and what’s your background?

I started working as digital technologist for EECS January this year (2023). Prior to my current role I worked as a Learning Support Officer at Anglia Ruskin University in the Learning Resources Department. I was responsible for providing comprehensive support for Moodle and other digital resources. The goal was to enhance the online learning experience for students and academics. By leveraging my technical knowledge and interpersonal skills, I was able to establish myself as a trusted resource for faculty members helping them to streamline their digital workflows and the overall use of educational technologies. My background as a freelance graphic designer enabled me to assist in making the online platform more user friendly and attractive in terms of the interface and layout.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on several projects. One key project is to improve the overall accessibility score across the school module pages. In addition, I am developing a communication strategy which will include training sessions for academics. The goal is to create awareness and emphasize the importance of accessibility of digital learning in Moodle. Another interesting project which offers the opportunity for me to showcase my creative and graphic design skills is creating pages or a space within our teams SharePoint site. I am considering UI and UX design, designing button directories for each team, so upon clicking a button it will take them to their directory. An important task is reviewing all semester A and B modules, analysing the way they have been laid out and content provided to the students. One example of a check I am completing is to see if the naming conventions correlate to the MySIS pattern. We will promote good practice by either improving the current standardized template or creating a new one to be duplicated across all modules for the upcoming semester in September. I am also part of the delivery in assessment team working to streamline the processes of quality and assurance, responding to any queries, and ensuring all student module grade records are accurate.

What are your interests outside of work?

One of my main interests outside of work is to travel around the world with my girlfriend. We have been to Thailand, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Central Asia and lots of different places to explore different cultures and taste new food. I am also a fan of Marvel and DC and any superhero movies. I like to watch them either at the cinema or at home. I recently bought a new 75-inch TV and a soundbar, so it gives me the cinema experience. I like to be physically active by going to the gym and swimming when I have time. Also if the weather is nice walking in the park.

Extra questions:

Are you an iPhone or Android user?

  • iPhone user (since 17 or 18 years old).

Which Internet browser do you prefer (at home)?

  • Google Chrome.

Pick one person from these three to meet Steve Jobs (living), Elon Musk or Bill Gates?

  • Draw between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

What are your favorite Apps or websites?

  • Artificial Intelligence tools such as Chat GPT.

Do you play any games on a console or mobile? If so, what was the last game you played?

  • Knowledge is Power (multiplayer quiz game) on PS4.

Do you use any streaming apps? If so, what was the last thing you watched?

  • Yes, mainly Netflix and YouTube. Last show I watched on Netflix was a documentary about Pepsi called Pepsi, Where’s My Jet?. Last videos I watched on YouTube were about car modification and cleaning.

What is the best gadget or piece of tech you own or have owned?

  • Laptop ACER Nitro Five.

If you could have any piece of tech for free, what would you choose?

  • I would choose a Drone and use it to film holidays.
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