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Let’s Meet … Malgo Miranowicz (School of Geography)

20 April 2022 Posted in: Articles, News Tagged: By: Clare Driver

My name is Malgo Miranowicz and I have been providing eLearning training and support at QMUL for five years. In my current role as Digital Learning Advisor in the School of Geography, I drive and support digital learning innovation and development as well as maintain our provision of eLearning for students and my colleagues. I previously supported the use of eLearning applications at Barts with a particular focus on ePortfolios.

Before joining QMUL, I was Assistant Professor in Distance Learning and Education where I focussed my research on effective eLearning tools in higher education. Upon relocating to the UK, I furthered my career in learning technologies by training academic staff at the University of Nottingham during the implementation of a new VLE.

Projects I am currently working

I am currently leading the implementation of an online tutoring platform in the School of Geography as well as training and supporting staff with mixed mode delivery of learning.

What I enjoy doing

I love to travel and learn about new cultures through cuisine. I also enjoy alternative cinema such as silent and new wave Russian films.

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