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Let’s Meet … Yanna Nedelcheva

26 June 2023 Posted in: Articles Tagged: , By: Alysa Bramble

Photo of Yanna behind a chocolate cakeThis month we sat down to meet and chat with Yanna Nedelcheva…

Please tell us about you and your current role at QMUL.

Hi, my name is Yanna and I am the Teaching and Learning Systems Manager. I’ve been in this role for just under 2 months (8 weeks to be precise). It is a new role at Queen Mary.

Which team do you work in? Can you tell us a little about your team?

I work in the Solutions Development Team, within IT Services. At the moment it is a small team, as there is only one person working with me – a Systems Development Analyst – but hopefully we will soon expand the team. We work closely with the central Technology Enhanced Learning Team (TELT).

As you are quite new to QM, can you tell us a little about your previous roles before QM?

I’ve been in the field of education technology since 2009 and my last role was with University of Westminster as a Senior Digital Learning Specialist (the last 2 years I was seconded as an Academic Development Fellow).

My focus was assessment and feedback.

As part of my role I used to upskill the digital capabilities and literacy of academics and students.

Some other projects that I was involved in:
I was a part of winning the hearts and minds of people using e-portfolios. I worked with the school of languages to digitise their assessments – keeping it inclusive while at the same time making it robust for academic misconduct.

I also worked with academics and students with the integration of Ally and advised how to enhance accessibility across the institution.

I am a Senior fellow of the HE Academy and also working towards getting the CMALT…(eventually! ha!)

What brought you to this role at QM?
I saw this as a challenge. I was too comfortable with what I was previously doing and this role closely matched my skill sets. I hope that my knowledge and expertise will enhance what we have at QMUL.

Are there any projects that you/your team are currently working on?
Currently I’m heavily involved with the QMplus upgrade and (hopefully) a seamless transition for QMplus into the world of Moodle 4.1

As part of the project we are identifying the applications (plugins) that are no longer needed and trying to determine how we can improve and future proof the QMplus platforms, including some integrations such as LinkedIn Learning and others.

What are some of your immediate goals within the role?

Immediate goals – A smooth transition for QMplus and QMplus Hub and a brilliant start to the new academic year!

And longer-term goals?
Seamless integrations and any desired automations (less work for the humans and more work for the machines).

Expand the team (and move beyond just keeping the lights on).

What do you do outside of QM?

Baking is my passion because it helps me relax and unwind – and getting a piece of chocolate cake at the end is a bonus.

I love reading and watching Science Fiction (my background is Biotechnology – Human and Medical Sciences). I am looking forward to the Foundation Season 2 (any fans?)

I used to be a competitive swimmer but my passion for baking has taken over (along with 2 kids!)

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