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So you want to create a podcast?

19 October 2023 Posted in: Articles, News By: Simon Durrant

Have you ever wanted to create a podcast or wondered how you can use it in teaching or assessment?

empty home production studio with professional podcast setup

TELT were recently approached by the School of Geography to run a teaching session on how to create a podcast for their students. So we delivered the session and equipped them with the knowledge to put together a 15 minute audio only podcast as part of their course work, and we’re looking forward to hearing as to how they get on.

It subsequently seems that other areas of the university are keen to use this format for potentially teaching and student assessment. So, we are expanding our “So you want to make a podcast?” training session to cover a broader coverage of the topic. We are aiming to run this sometime in late November or early December.

So, if you wondering how to get started, or what are the benefits of podcasts in teaching,  then please e-mail with the subject title “Podcast Training” and we’ll get back to you once we set up a date in the diary.

In the meantime, please listen to our first ever TELT podcast which was recorded using mobile phones, so apologies for the slight issue with the sound. To listen just click on the image below. We’d love to hear your feedback so please leave a comment on the podcast page.

TELTCast Episode 1 - Student Ambassadors



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