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2018 QMplus Hub Upgrade

21 June 2018 Posted in: Articles Tagged: By: Technology Enhanced Learning Team

On 9th July 2018, we will be upgrading QMplus Hub, our e-portfolio and group working system.

This upgrade will introduce a number of improvements and new features, this article provides information on a few of the highlights.

1. Pages and collections will be displayed on one page

2. New page design with a cleaner look and feel

3. Access portfolios updated by friends

4. View the last update time of a page

5. Easier sharing of pages

6. Delete page easily within a page

7. Easier linking to internal QMplus Hub pages

8. Link to text within text

9. Show group members without portfolio submission

10. Better format of printed portfolio

11. Access your mobile device’s camera

12. Rotate images (e.g. from mobile devices)

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