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QMplus January 2018 Release

On Tuesday, 16th January 2018, between 7am-9am, we will be making some updates to QMplus. These updates will include new features and fix outstanding issues in QMplus since the summer upgrade.
 Items to be included in this release:

QMplus new features:

  1. Styling and enabling Equation Editor in ATTO Editor – Equation editor now available to be used within QMPlus
  2. Assessment Management Reporting – A report is now available which will contain due dates for all assessments. Various features are available which will allow the user to choose different views and options for formatting.
  3. Physical Coursework tracking – (Please click for more details)
  4. Pinned modules – Users are now able to unpin a module from the pinned module list
  5. Pinning modules from within modules – Users are now able to pin and unpin modules while the module is in view.
  6. Embed ability in course tab – Users are now able to embed Q-Review media directly to course content via Q-Review embed code.

QMplus fixes:

  1. Editing titles error in grid format – The titles can now be edited in the grid format without the previous error message (this was as a result of the July Upgrade)
  2. Pinned modules – modules not appearing in pinned list. This affected users who had over 10 modules pinned in their modules and modules which needed to be loaded did not appear.
  3. Gradebook cell size not wide enough – grades longer than 2 digits did not appear, this has now been fixed.
  4. Turnitin feedback ‘link’ in Gradesplus not clickable – the link to the turnitin feedback has now been restored.
  5. Courses in grid format not deleting – the courses which were in this format can now successfully be deleted.
  6. Assessment Information tab not displaying corrrect information – Assessments with restrictions set for students e.g. groups were not appearing correctly in the tab and had to be accessed via the direct link, this has now ben fixed.
  7. Collapsed topics – delete button not available for resources/activities in hidden topic – this has now been restored.

QMplus Hub changes

QMplus Hub is being updated to support the university’s new curriculum enhancement initiative, the QMUL Model. Features include:

  • Providing students with a Skills Review progress page of their achievements linked to the QMUL Model Competency Framework
  • Direct access for academic advisers to their own students’ skills review progress pages
  • Visual representation of a student’s current mastery of the core competencies

Support and guidance will be available on the QMUL Model Skills Review Help page here.

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