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Two Grades Don’t Make a Right – Grade Assignments in either the QMplus Assignment Grading interface or Turnitin

26 February 2024 Posted in: Articles Tagged: By: John Seamons

Recently I encountered an unusual issue about grading an assignment in QMplus. A school Learning Technologist discovered that a grade which had been entered during the marking process was later overwritten by a different (lower) grade. They conducted an investigation and found the logs did not identify who had made this amendment. The markers and teaching team denied making the change and were eager to understand what had occurred. I checked all the settings and was unable to detect any potential causes, so I raised this with our technical specialists for advice. My colleagues identified the source of the problem, they explained that the original grade had been entered in the QMplus assignment grading interface and the later one in the Turnitin feedback studio. The Turnitin grade overwrote the one added in the QMplus grading interface (it always will in this situation).

I wanted to raise awareness of this as I can appreciate how staff could easily assume it does not matter which area they add the grade in as long as it is entered. This is especially true for new staff who are unfamiliar with the systems or marking process at QMUL. Therefore I wish to clarify that if you use Turnitin in your department you should only add grades in either Turnitin or the QMplus assignment grading interface but never both. If you do accidentally enter it in both, the Turnitin grade will always overwrite the other one. To avoid any confusion we recommend that you check with your department and confirm the relevant process to follow.

I hope the images below with hotspots are useful in clarifying the available options:

  • Below you can see an example submission in the inbox. The blue button with grade written on it will take the marker to the QMplus grading interface. However clicking on the blue pencil will take them to the Turnitin feedback studio.
  • Here is the QMplus grading interface where you can enter grades and feedback. However there is also a blue pencil icon which can take you to the Turnitin Feedback Studio.
  • This is the Turnitin feedback studio where you can enter grades.

Please consider this when completing marking in future.

Wishing you all the best


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